Baby Carrier Review : Infantino Wrap & Tie


I'm starting a series of posts reviewing all the carriers I have in stock and those I'll receive in the future. This is to aid Aruban parents in choosing the right carrier for them, allowing them open access to the negative and positive points of a carrier while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to rent these same carriers out.

Today's review will look at the Infantino Wrap & Tie. 

Because of the introduction and subsequent recall of the Infantino Sling Riders, I was very cautious about this brand. Especially since they also mass manufacture The Comfort Rider, Cozy Rider and Easy Rider (all Crotch-Dangling carriers, as my dear friend on Twitter calls them), I was weary about the efficacy, and ease of this mei tai style carrier.

This carrier is named a wrap and tie, but it adheres to the genre of soft structured carriers named Mei Tais. Mei - to carry on the shoulders/ tai - belt; band/bring.  Traditionally, the Chinese mei tai was a square or nearly square piece of cloth with parallel unpadded straps emerging from the sides of each corner. 

Mei tais can be used from birth ( most manufacturers recommend 8 .lbs)  onward, up to 35 lbs. The versatility and relative ease of a Mei Tai is what makes this a carrier that many love. It's more supportive than a one shoulder carrier, but not as difficult to learn to tie as a wrap. It distributes the weight across both shoulders and the waist, which makes for carrying a heavier child, more comfortable. 

What I liked/disliked about Infantino's Wrap and Tie

Positive Points

  • Very good material, soft and very sturdy straps and body. 
  • Little loops in the body to secure straps from moving
  • Padding not just in the straps but also in the outer edge of the body
  • Wide enough even for a bigger child's bum to be covered
  • When I wore my 3-year-old daughter on my back, I didn't feel the straps cutting into any of my jiggly belly (MAJOR PLUS POINT for those of us who hate looking like a sausage) 
  • I could wear my 3-year-old a lot longer than with the Ergo before getting back pain
  • My daughter says it feels good 
  • Beautiful design overall, and beautiful color coordination, perfect for a boy or girl. 
  • Since the strap material is so thick and sturdy, knots are easy to secure and just as easy to untie. With inferior fabric that's thinner, knots are tied smaller and get smaller as the weight of the baby puts pressure on it, and these are nearly a headache to untie. 

Negative Points

  • Maybe if the waist strap had padding just where touches your stomach, it would have been nicer, without it is just fine
  • The wrap and tie has a little velcro-detachable-string that allows you to cinch the crotch area so the baby can be worn face-out. I don't know what's up with Infantino and their vehemence that babies MUST face out or else it's not a fit carrier. I personally do not recommend the crotch-dangling, outward-facing carry for many reasons.
  • Straps were a little wide for my shoulders. I can imagine they would be much wider for a very petite person. The straps stuck out a little on the edge of my shoulder
  • I'm thinking that for a much bigger circumferenced person than myself (I'm not petite either) maybe the straps would not be long enough for comfort. I like a certain amount of straps to dangle down.

All in all, I am very pleased with the purchase of this carrier and I can feel comfortable to say that CariBirth is officially renting Infantino's Wrap and Tie out to those interested. 

For more information on babywearing, or sling rentals feel free to email me at info [AT] caribirth [DOT] com