Not-so-Super Nanny

There is so much that bothers me about Jo Frost's attitude towards breastfeeding and natural parenting, I don't even know where to begin.

Let's start with a few tidbits from her book, shall we?

~~Frost says generations have been raised on formula and turned out "just fine".

~~Confident Baby Care recommends breastfeeding mothers consider introducing a formula feed between six weeks and three months as formula will fill babies up more so they sleep longer.

~~Use a dummy to get newborns to sleep - but no baby should go past a year with a dummy.

~~Have baby in a bassinet in your room at the beginning - for ease of feeding and to be there for him. Bed-sharing is a no-no.

~~Avoid soap on your nipples - after nursing, wash them in a teaspoon of vinegar diluted with water to sterilise, and then air-dry.

~~No controlled crying until six months.

Sigh......may I bash my forehead on the screen now? How does this women have her own television show and the admiration of millions of mothers around the world?

Ten points for comments who can spot what is wrong with her advice.